COVID-19 Response

Orange Studios will be open under alert levels 1, 2 and 3. Here are the rules:

Alert level 3:

  • Only those necessary for the recording to come to the studio
  • Please bring your own drink bottle (we will be avoiding providing water in our glassware)
  • Artists not to enter the control room. Enter vocal booth (and other booths via big room) and stay there for the duration of the recording.
  • Playback and talkback will be available through the speakers in the big room
  • Files to be transferred online/wifi, no USB transfer
  • When multiple people are in a recording room, at least 2 metres between each artist
  • If you are feeling at all unwell, please do not come in – we will reschedule
  • Mixing done solo by engineer and transferred for feedback from home
  • Please note that Ten27 (the cafe next door) is now open so you can pick up tea/coffee contactless from them

Additionally, here are some of the steps we will be taking to mitigate COVID-19 spread:

  • Door handles sanitised before and after each recording session
  • Separate client (downstairs) and staff (upstairs) toilets
  • Hand sanitiser provided
  • Microphones and pop shields wiped/sanitised where possible between recordings
  • Machine room auxiliary send to big room for artists to hear playback

Alert level 2 and 1:

  • As above but up to 4 people in the control room, and we will relax on asking only those necessary to turn up.